How Work Gambles With Your Happiness

Weekend WarriorsIf you’re in a job you don’t like then you probably already know how it affects your happiness. But even people who are in tolerable jobs, perhaps even ones they love, are still gambling with their happiness.


Spending time at work stops you from doing things you enjoy. If it’s not possible to cut down your hours, then at least make sure you take the correct amount of holiday and don’t get dragged down by too much overtime.

Those five minutes staying late after work really add up and five minutes often turns into 10, 20, an hour. That’s all work you’re not getting paid any extra for.


All jobs can be stressful. Combat stress, however much or little you get, with regular meditation. If meditation isn’t for you then at least take some time out to do nothing, to clear your head and maybe get some fresh air too.

Taking this time to yourself will help you to work out what is stressing you out and how to combat it.


Three generations of Bowers feet on a wonderfully distracting family trip to Venice.

Three generations of Bowers feet on a wonderfully distracting family trip to Venice.

No time and a lot of stress can take its toll on your family life. Instead of taking a bad day out on the ones you love, go to them whenever you need cheering up. Set time aside to be in their company and enjoy yourselves. Being around the people we love can really help to lower stress levels.


Seeing the same group of people day in and day out can leave you with a bit of cabin fever. Remember, you don’t have any obligation to see these people outside of work – unless you want to, of course!

If none of your coworkers inspire or excite you, keep them separate from your real friends.



If you are in a creative job, you might find that your creativity is often limited to the working environment. This can make it really difficult to work on fun projects that should bring you happiness.

You need to start visualising your creative time at work and creative time at home as separate things. Don’t do work at home and vice versa. (This obviously doesn’t work for people who work from home. If that’s the case, keep your home office very separate to the rest of your life.) You should start to see your creative side start popping back up for personal projects.

If you’re in a non-creative field then this can also dull your creative senses. Try to keep on top of regular creative work so you don’t fall into a slump. Morning pages is a great one for writers. Just get up a little earlier and spend some time writing (or drawing, taking pictures etc.).

We’d love to know how you cheer yourself up after a hard day at work.

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