Unmistakable Signs That Your Boyfriend Is Going To Propose

A lot of women can see their boyfriend and themselves tying the knot after just a couple of dates. As a woman, you just know when someone is perfect for you and when they can take a hike! Men, on the other hand, are not as perceptive. To be fair, getting married is a big deal, so neither party wants to jump into the process head first without thinking. However, after a certain time together, even your fella will start to get the hint that your relationship is ready for the next level. Seriously! In fact, here are a few hints that he is already thinking about marriage.

He Guards His Phone

Most women are not one for checking their other halves phone. So, when your boyfriend starts to guard it with his life, he is hiding something! A lot of men text their female friends for advice and use the Internet on their phones to do their research. Also, a lot of men don’t delete their history after they have finished. One quick glance at their phone could be enough to ruin all their hard work, so don’t automatically think the worst!

He Starts Taking An Interest In Jewellery

Men do this every year, usually on our birthdays or anniversaries. Let’s face it; subtlety is not their speciality! So, when they start to take an interest at random times of the year, when there is no landmark on the horizon, they might be thinking about starting a new landmark in your relationship. If you catch him looking at diamondsky.com.au and other jewellery websites, he could be about to propose.


Deliveries Have Him On Edge

You don’t necessarily have to buy an engagement ring directly from the store because you can always buy it off the Internet. In fact, in a lot of ways it makes more sense. By using the Internet to deliver the package, they can be more discreet. That is, until, the package turns up at home when you are both there! If the sound of the doorbell has him on edge or he refuses to open a package in front of you, there is a good chance he is hiding a ring!

He’s Interested In Your Day Too Much

Okay, we all like our men to take an interest in our lives. But, the constant questions about what we are doing tomorrow are not cool! Apart from being incredibly annoying, they might be his subtle way of trying to sync your schedule to his proposal plans.

He Doesn’t Want To Cancel Your Plans

Going out to dinner is a brilliant way to spend time together, and you love it as much as the next girl. But, you are flexible about changing plans. After all, what’s the big deal about missing one dinner?

He Doesn’t Want To Leave The House

Anything that is likely to tip you off is out of the question, which is why he might become a recluse for a couple of weeks before he pops the question. You might think he is just miserable, but he could have bigger plans!

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