Ultimate Guide To Loving Your Jewellery


Women have loved wearing jewellery for thousands of years. Today, our jewellery adds the finishing touches to our favorite outfits. It also enhances our own natural beauty and is one of the most feminine things we can wear. If you have a natural love affair with all things that shine and sparkle, then this is the ultimate guide for you.

If you take a closer look at your jewellery, you’ll find all the tell-tale signs of quality. It’s not just the esthetic appeal of jewellery that is important to us, though. Much of our jewellery is symbolic of other things. Think about the engagement ring. Rings are circular to represent ever-lasting or eternal love. The diamond today is thought to be representative of nature’s most beautiful stone. It’s one of the toughest materials known to man. This, like the love from your fiance, means it will last forever.

A necklace is far more than just a chain around the neck. It has through the ages represented many things. Some have been negative, but today the gift of a necklace is thought to be far more positive. The chain itself can be decorative. You might prefer a choker style or length. This will sit neatly on the collar bone. In the Victorian age, a choker referred to a strip of cloth or ribbon that was tied around the neck above the collar bone. Like most Victorian fashion, this could be quite uncomfortable!

The weight of a locket or pendant on the chain will draw it down toward your chest. Many women have worn religious symbols on their necklace to represent their faith. This has started to lose favour as more and more people prefer to keep these private under their clothing. Lockets used to contain photos of loved ones and even locks of hair. Pendants can be decorative gems or stones, or even small wood carvings.

Earrings are often worn as a way to frame the face. Drop earrings can give the impression of an elongated neck. This creates a beautiful, feminine look. Hoops are very popular. These usually fit in pierced ears. Gold, silver or titanium are preferred to reduce the risk of infection. Clip on earrings offer a much greater variety in design and tend to be more comfortable to wear.

If you love jewellery, then you may own a bracelet or two. There are several different styles to choose from. Cuffs have been popular in the past, but decorative chains or charm bracelets are trending right now. Costume jewellery pieces are popular because you can match items with your outfit relatively cheaply. Women’s watches often resemble ornate bracelets.

Your choice of jewelry may be down to your choice of outfit. Or you might prefer to wear pieces that hold sentimental value. Jewellery is definitely a personal choice. Some women like to wear the same pieces all the time, believing them to bring them good luck. Others prefer to wear just their wedding band. Look beautiful today in whatever you choose to wear.


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