Top Wedding Day Tips That Make All the Difference

Heidi & Adrian's WeddingSome would say that there isn’t a day out there more stressful than your wedding day. So much planning goes into this day that it’s natural to blow up at the slightest thing. These top tips should help you to feel much calmer on your big day so you can just enjoy your time in the spotlight.

Take as Much Time as You Need

Lots of people get engaged and then plan their wedding over a course of about a year, but don’t feel pressured. You can stay engaged and take your time to plan as long as you like. In fact, the longer you take to plan, the less stressed you should feel on your big day.

Live in the Moment

On your wedding day, try not to think too much about anything you may have forgotten or missed. Just live in the moment. Aim to do this from the moment you get out of bed to the moment you leave your reception! Take it all in; the tears, the joy, your surroundings. Make the most of being in a beautiful place like The Italian Villa wedding venue! Enjoy every single second and don’t worry about a thing.


Keep Things in Perspective

Remember, above all else, what your wedding day should be about. The union of two people who love each other! Remember this and don’t get caught up in the superficial details. If you can bear this in mind through everything, you’ll have a much better day and reduce your stress considerably.

Refuse to Stress

Stress is something that we choose to let take over us, a lot of the time. If you can, take a few deep breaths and just get on with things. Don’t let stress get the better of you. Think of the thing that really matters, as mentioned above.

Trust the Vendors to Do Their Jobs

There are many vendors involved with a wedding, and all can make a huge difference. Providing you did your research before hiring them, trust that they’ll do their jobs.

Eat a Good Breakfast

You might feel too nervous to eat, but do try to eat something. You’ll feel so much better with something nutritious inside you! Poached eggs and salmon is a nice, light meal to set you up for the day. Add a slice of toast for energy if you’ll be going a while with no food!

Start Getting Ready Early

The earlier you get ready, the more time you’ll have to relax with your bridesmaids. You definitely don’t want to have to rush getting ready and be late for the ceremony.

Break in your Shoes

Can you think of anything worse than wearing uncomfortable shoes on a day like this? Break in your shoes beforehand so you can walk comfortably!

Make an Emergency Kit

An emergency kit should contain things that will help you in the event of an emergency. Tampons, stain removal items, and thread could all be included!

Using these tips will make a huge difference to your big day – try them and see!

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