The Shocking Truth About Happiness.

I’ve always considered myself a happy person – I know how to find it, but also not be greedy of it either. I take that extra slice of time to choose which holiday, house, friend or Zumba class will bring me as close to happy as possible.

However…. Happiness is often disguised in the aftermath horror of death and destruction, something I did not know until this year, when my mom died suddenly.

Until this point – I think I was an innocent – life had not attacked me or broken me. Now in my thirties, I face the same living nightmare that other people’s grieving families talk about on the six o’clock news.

But this is not a story on grief, this is a clarion call to recognise that horror will befell us all…. and you can survive it, with your happiness intact.┬áBecause the shocking truth is that happiness is not just a wedding day, a promotion at work or finding the tv you want heavily discounted.

Happiness is more often a small event, not a large one. It’s an everyday emotion for me, because I mindfully recognise it in interactions and occurrences….. and in the loveliness of certain people, places, things and experiences.

I am thirsty to know how something will make me feel, if there’s a chance for happiness wrapped inside it somehow. So I seek that, ask for that and don’t wait or wonder for a event to make it so.

I see happiness like that little kid sees dead people. Its a glorious habit to have.

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  1. Beautiful words. I agree with you. Happiness are the little things in life ­čśÇ

    xx Mira

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