The Ultimate Guide to Accessorising Any Little Black Dress

The Little Black Dress or LBD is a classic among classics. Every woman has worn an LBD at some point and has at least one variety in their wardrobe, ready to pull out at a moment’s notice. In order to distinguish you from the rest of the LBD, crowd is the right use of accessories. What else should you be wearing with your LBD?

First and foremost, you should decide on a look.

Think about whether you want to go for a clean, more conservative look or a more bold and trendy look. This is entirely your choice, based on your personality and the LBD occasion. Once you have decided on your look, it is now time to accessorise.

If you are looking at more conservative LBD, you may want to accessorise with smaller earrings and an understated necklace or bracelet. Sometimes, simple is always best. A black leather strapped watch may also go well with your LBD. As for shoes, think about pattern leather heels or ballerinas. These choices are simple, yet elegant.

Deciding on a bolder look with your LBD is a little more challenging, but it is also something you can have a lot of fun with. Taking the conservative look and cranking it up a few notches can get you noticed. Think big. You may want to consider larger earrings and a metallic necklace, bracelet or both.  After all, statement jewellery is where it’s at. Take a look at Bulova women’s watches in order to get noticed. Finally, you may want to consider patterned tights and metallic shoes. Who isn’t in love with the metallic loafer trend at the moment? However you accessorise, it is important that you can make a statement.

Most women will decide on something in-between these two statements. Something that is neither too bold nor too conservative.

blond hair+little black dress+sharp

Maegan Tintari

Secondly, think about the jewellery you wear.


In most cases, earrings are all you need to change to make an impression. Hoops, studs or plugs have the potential to make a statement. If you decide on a pair of earrings that are a little bolder than most, remember to wear your hair up. After all, you want to show off your new feature.


A necklace can speak volumes about you as a person, so be careful when deciding on a necklace with your LBD. Classic colours like black or silver, combined with pearls, are delicate and understated. They are the epitome of the vintage scene. However, if you want something that shouts rather than whispers, then go for a necklace with more colours. A metallic chain, together with chunky stones can work very well. Statement jewellery with large gemstones are a must have this season.


A watch is something that can be overlooked when pairing the right one with your overall LBD look. If you want to get noticed, a chunky boyfriend watch could be something that you wear. But, rose gold hues are massive right now.


Retro lovers will love the idea of a brooch. Opt for classic detailing for a vintage-chic look. However you decide to accessorise, the most important element to consider is whether your look reflects you. If you’re comfortable with what you are wearing, you will get noticed.

How do you wear the LBD?

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