The Key to Having an Amazing First Date

the gorgeous onesFirst dates can be nerve-wracking. Will you connect with this person? Will you like each other? Will the conversation dry up? What if you hate them or have a bad time? All of these questions go through our heads at one point or another. All you can do is do your best to make sure this is the best first date possible, on your part. Here’s what to do:

Choose the Place Carefully

Instead of choosing a coffee or restaurant as your first date, pick somewhere you won’t be sat opposite one another. Sitting opposite one another can be risky, as it feels a bit too much like an interview. You definitely don’t want to feel like you’re going after a job. Go for a walk or do something similar so you can talk but think of new things to talk about as you walk. If you really want to make sure you have fun, consider one of the fun parks in the UK. Just make sure your date likes rides first!

Express Your Feelings

Instead of talking about the things you think, talk about your feelings too. You don’t need to let this person in straight away, but talking about your feelings will allow you both to connect better. It might help if you learn a little about first date politics first.

Don’t Ask Too Many Questions

Like I said earlier, asking too many questions will make it feel like you’re in an interview situation. Of course you can ask some questions, but don’t grill them. You wouldn’t like it if they grilled you! Leave an air of mystery.

Be Yourself

Don’t try to be a person you think your date will like. Just be yourself and be comfortable with it. They’ll find you so much more attractive if you make sure you’re true to you!

Kiss Him if You Feel it

At the end of the date, let your date kiss you. Only if you feel it of course! If you felt a little chemistry, there’s nothing wrong with ending it with a kiss. A hug or a handshake might give off the wrong impression if you do like them.

Think of a Few Topics of Conversation

If you’re not usually a conversational wizard, you might like to think up a few topics of conversation first. What do you think will break the ice? Remember, don’t be afraid of awkward situations either. These will naturally happen on your first date. Embrace them, and laugh at them.

Be Positive and Open Minded

Nobody likes a negative nancy. Make sure you’re positive in the way you speak, and in your body language. Use positive words and avoid talking about things you don’t like too much. You should also be open minded. This person might like different things to you, and that’s OK. Keep an open mind to have the best time.

Ready to have a first date to beat all others? Go ahead and use the advice in this guide!

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