The Key to a Long and Happy Relationship

A meaningful connection with somebody is hard to come by. Entering into a relationship with somebody shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re going to do it, you want to do it properly. So, what is the key to a long and happy relationship? This post will give you a few ideas so you can see if yours will last the test of time:


You must both know how to communicate with one another properly. This will help you to talk through issues or things you feel are important. Communication is approached differently by different people, so oftentimes you’ll find arguments ensue. The way to communicate is to stick to the issue at hand, and choose your words carefully. Don’t use accusatory language, and talk about how you feel instead. This will make them more likely to sympathise with you rather than go on the defensive. This is one of the biggest reasons that relationships break down.

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Pick Your Battles

You must pick your battles. After a while, things that you once loved about your partner may become annoying. Little things, like them leaving their wet towels on the floor can wind you up. Just try to pick your battles so you’re not both nitpicking at one another all the time. Remember what’s really important. Ask yourself why you get so wound up about certain things too; are you insecure? Do you have trust issues? If you’re worried your partner will cheat, this might say a lot more about you than it does about your partner. You can look up cheating prevention tips, which may work, but you should also look within to see what’s going on with you.


Don’t get complacent and forget to be affectionate with one another. It isn’t just about sex; it’s about cuddling, kissing, and even just touching one another. You don’t always have to say ‘I love you’ to show somebody you love them. I recommend reading a book called ‘The 5 Love Languages’ also. It talks about different ways people receive and accept love so you can ensure you and your partner are getting everything you need.

Keep Things New and Exciting

Again, this is about getting complacent. You should still go on dates, and try to woo your partner. Do the things you did at the start of the relationship. Try fun new things. Dress to impress them. Flirt with them! Act like you’re a new couple. Doing things like this will keep your bond strong.

Spend Time Apart

A successful relationship does not mean you have to live in one another’s pockets. Some couples spend no time apart and are very happy, but it doesn’t always work that way. You are still individuals who need their own space and time. Make sure you both spend time with your friends, and do things for yourselves. You’ll find your relationship becomes much simpler when you don’t live in each other’s pockets. Being happy as individuals is one brilliant way to being happy in a couple.

What do you think is the key to a long and happy relationship? Leave a comment!

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