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Hello, we’re sitting on the sofa at Team Bootcamp under plenty of blankets, after a very gruelling day.

Bootcamp isn’t new to us. It’s a pretty cold experience. Life affirming, definitely, but brutal.

This summer, we’ve ramped up the amount of training we do, both of us have a personal trainer, run together and attend classes and gyms. We love this lifestyle, and a week of military fitness training is a welcome holiday to both of us.

To be clear though….the reality of a typical bootcamp week is blisters, DOMS, ice baths, early nights, tears, toxins and ultimately, the ‘success’ of it all is usually told in lbs lost at the final weigh in.

Paula and Craig invited us to experience their new concept: 3D bootcamp. We thought about this before arriving, bootcamp has always been a successful experience for us, was a revolution possible, or even needed?

And yet, from the moment we arrived, it was clear this was going to be different. There’s something so relaxing about this place and their new ethos. So it’s not just about cramming in tons of exercise (sorry guys, that still happens) and eating small portions so you lose some weight at the end of the week. It’s about teaching you to ‘think, eat and move differently’.

There’s emotional support, paleo cookery demonstrations and dedicated workshop hours designed to uncover reasons why one might eat the wrong things, or simply eat too much.

Follow our Twitter for more bootcamp tales and we will post again with a full review… once we’ve recovered.

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  1. Really looking forward to the full article. You’re both truly EPIC campers. 🙂

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