Tips For Planning The Perfect Summer Wedding

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If you want to get married this summer, now is the time to start making arrangements. While most people plan their wedding a year or more in advance, it is not unusual for the arrangements to be made over a shorter period. However, you’re going to need some tips from the experts if you want to ensure that you don’t overlook anything important. Today, we’re giving you a basic guide to planning your summer wedding that should cover all the bases. When all’s said and done, you’ll have to work quickly if you want the fairy tale event of which most women dream. Continue reading

Unmistakable Signs That You Are Ready To Tie The Knot

Marriage (Credit)

Marriage is the biggest commitments you will ever make, and for some people that means that they never want to do it. Some women hate the idea of settling down with just one person for the rest of their life. Others, can’t wait to walk down the aisle and whisper “I do”. If you have been seeing someone for a while, here are some of the unmistakable signs that you are ready for marriage. Continue reading

5 Incredibly Romantic Ideas For Your Wedding

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Without even trying, your wedding will be a beautiful and romantic occasion. How can it not be? Two people declaring their love for one another in front of their family and friends. It doesn’t get more lovey-dovey than that! But, for many couples, they want to make this all important day even more special and memorable with a few little extra romantic touches. It’s like a pizza. On its own it’s delicious. But with even more of your favourite ingredients added on top, it becomes phenomenal. Take a look at some of these incredibly romantic ideas for your wedding. Continue reading

The Shocking Truth About Happiness.

I’ve always considered myself a happy person – I know how to find it, but also not be greedy of it either. I take that extra slice of time to choose which holiday, house, friend or Zumba class will bring me as close to happy as possible.

However…. Happiness is often disguised in the aftermath horror of death and destruction, something I did not know until this year, when my mom died suddenly. Continue reading