Facing my fears at Zipworld in North Wales


Facing a fear is a strange thing, at least for me. I’m scared of heights and I get major anxiety even in the most simple and of situations. I know that my fears are irrational and I’m on a mission to conquer them. I don’t want to be a wimp, I don’t want to miss out on amazing things because of this silliness.

The ZipWorld zipwires might not seem like much to most people but the mere¬†thought made me want to bail on a trip I knew I’d love and totally needed. Continue reading

Do things that scare you

rollerWhen I was a kid, I loved roller coasters. I remember going on them without a care in the world but the last few times I’ve been to theme parks I’ve found myself getting a little panicky.

The list of excuses is endless: I don’t like heights, I don’t like the anticipation, I don’t like being held upside-down.

So when I went to Pleasurewood Hills in Suffolk (a very tame theme park) I decided that if I knew I would enjoy something, despite the fear, I was going to do it. Continue reading