Reasons to Bask in Your Engagement for Longer

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Engagements used to be quite short. But now many couples are engaged for a couple of years or more before they get married. Weddings and marriages are incredible, but there are some excellent reasons for basking in your engagement instead of rushing to fulfill it. Some of them are practical, and some are just for your enjoyment. Why rush to marry when you can enjoy being an engaged couple, holding onto the excitement of the wedding? You can give yourself much more time to plan and save for the big day, plus start preparing for life after marriage. If you’re not sure whether to have a long or short engagement, check out these reasons for holding on a bit longer.

More Time to Save and Plan for the Wedding

The average wedding costs upwards of £18,000 nowadays. That’s a lot of money. Some couples even choose between paying for a wedding and putting a deposit down on a house. Planning your wedding should be an exciting time, not a stressful one when you’re worrying about money. If you don’t want to have to go into debt to pay for your wedding, waiting it out is a better option. You can save up and have the wedding you want at the right time, without having to adjust your lifestyle too much to scrimp and save.

More Time to Enjoy Your Engagement Ring

Imagine buying a beautiful engagement ring and then immediately topping it off with a wedding band. Your engagement ring will always have a special place in your heart, but you haven’t had enough time to appreciate it on its own. For one thing, a longer engagement gives you plenty of time to pick the perfect ring. If you decided to get married without one and now you want to choose one, you don’t have to rush. Whether you look at Whiteflash designer engagement rings online or go to your local jeweller, you’ll have more time to pick the one that’s just right for you. And you can get used to wearing it, showing it off to more people if you stay engaged for longer.

Get Used to Your Changing Relationship

Your shifting relationship can be a bit of a shock for some couples. First you’re engaged, then suddenly you’re getting married. It can all be a bit fast, and you don’t want anyone getting cold feet. A longer engagement gives you time to settle into your new status and get used to the idea of a future together. You can start planning your married life and try taking a trial run. Now is the ideal time to move in together, if you haven’t already.

Time to Settle into a Home

Before getting engaged, you might not have been living together, or you might have shared with friends. When you get married, you may want to move into a new home to symbolise your new life. A long engagement gives you more time to have your house ready for married life, as well as the time to save a deposit.

Don’t let your wedding excitement run away from you when there’s plenty to enjoy about being engaged. Let the joy build for longer as you plan for married life.

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