How to save money on your wedding

Butcher Wedding
Brides to be will be glad to learn there are lots of easy ways to save money on their weddings. In today’s post, we’re going to present you with some brilliant ideas that have worked well in the past. With a bit of luck, you will come away from this article feeling a little more confident. We all know how stressful you can begin to feel when you don’t know if your funds will stretch. Don’t worry about anything! We are here to help, and the information below is guaranteed to help you make savings. Continue reading

The Stinkiest Foods I Just Love To Eat

blue cheese crumbles
I do love my food, but sometimes the smell of cooking gets trapped in my kitchen for days! Some foods are worse than others, so I try to keep the window open, and the extractor hood is running while I cook. Everyone knows onions are one of those foods you have to cook with that can cause a real stink. But in my house, there are far more foods to worry about! Continue reading

Planning A Brilliant And Exciting Roadtrip

If you are not going anywhere special on holiday this year you might be thinking about taking a road trip. It is an excellent choice because we always travel abroad and never really explore our own country. Why not take this summer and go on an adventure? You may even discover some things about yourself that you were never aware of before. Here are some tips that will help you begin your journey. Continue reading