My Simple Tips For Getting Ahead When Travelling

Not many of us have dared to travel to a new country without doing some research first. After all, it takes several hours of internet scouring just to find out your visa requirements! Over the years, I have found some really useful ways to get ahead when it comes to travelling to new places, though. I don’t like to be ill prepared. I go the extra mile when it comes to researching my destination.

For a start, I know I want to get to know real people in the places that I visit. I don’t want to get caught in the tourist trap even if I am keen to see some of the hotspot landmarks. I want to know what it’s like to live there, not just as a visitor. I’ve found that destinations like India have really amazing forums for those who want to find out more about the reality of travelling there. An India travel forum is so useful for anyone who wants to know more before they go.

Social media is also really useful if you want to find out what is important to people in the areas you are visiting. Reading the news is one thing, but reading people’s reactions to events can be far more real. Twitter and Facebook are great places to start if you want to hear real stories about real people in the country you are visiting. You can also see photos of the places you are most keen to visit on Pinterest or Instagram. They may even inspire you to check out places you never thought of.

Travelling off the beaten track is what every traveller lives for. But you and I know both know you can quickly find yourself in trouble. You don’t want to end up in places or situations that are dangerous. This is why checking out a travel forum or social media can be so useful. You’ll hear from people who live there as well as those who have visited. You can ask questions, and even strike up friendships with like-minded people.

Places like India are so incredibly beautiful. There are many wonderful regions to visit and so many gorgeous buildings and structures to see. The trouble is there is probably too much to see in one visit. You need to narrow it down to a smaller list. Don’t forget you’ll have the language barrier to contend with. This will slow things down even more. As much as you may love to meander and wander while travelling, a detailed itinerary can help you see so much more in a single trip.

Don’t discard the idea of using tour guides or going on excursions. Having someone in the know show you and talk to you about a place can provide you with far more information than you might have been able to figure out alone. Sometimes it’s handy to play the tourist once in awhile. I do think there is a lot of value to it, even if you have to pay extra! See where your travels take you today.

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