Mother’s Day gifts for happy mums


With Mother’s Day coming up (March 30th 2014) I wanted to look at some lovely gifts you can treat your mum to. Some people feel that Mother’s Day is an over-commercialised holiday with no real worth. While in part I would agree and I don’t need a special day to appreciate my mum, it’s still nice to treat your mum once in a while.

For the foodie

Full Crate_0001

I think food gifts are are great gesture. Especially for any mum who works hard in the kitchen. Give her a night off and cook a delicious meal. You could then present one of these gorgeous AGA Foodhall hampers so she’ll be fully stocked on goodies.

There are loads to choose from but the Mother’s Day Treat Crate has been created for mums everywhere.

Your mum will get a bit of everything, from Green & Blacks Chocolate to wine gums to some decadent fudge sauce.

For the gardener

gardening gifts

This gorgeous bag and glove set would be perfect for any mum who loves gardening. These are a little more stylish than some of the other gardening accessories out there.

The print on the bag and gloves is a sweet floral print with birdhouses and a green trim.

It’s not fashion above function, either. The bag is full of different compartments where your mum can keep tools, signs for vegetable plots or even packets of seeds.

The gloves are tough and will protect your mum’s hands even when dealing with spiky plants and trees. This is a glamourous gift that is sure to go down a treat for anyone who loves spending the time tending to a gorgeous garden.

For the creative

notebook giftsA journal of some sort would make a great gift for anyone who loves to write. What they write in it is up to them whether it’s stories, diary entries or simple to-do lists.

You could also go for a notebook with blank pages inside. These make perfect gifts for mums who love to write and draw.

This is the Equinoxe journal from Paperblanks. This brand is known for its stunning notebooks, diaries and other stationary items. There’s plenty to choose from including traditional designs like this or the more modern designs of notebooks such as the Simply Holographic collection.

Another gorgeous brand to look at would be Paperchase. I can’t get enough of this gorgeous stationary shop. Visit your nearest one or head to You’ll find notebooks in all shapes and sizes, more pens than you’d be able to choose from, and plenty of other gorgeous little gifts. All the cards in our lead image are from Paperchase.

For the fashionista

la-mer-collections-turquoise-crystal-multiA La Mer watch looks a little different to normal watches and makes a great gift for all sorts of reasons. Firstly, it’s practical. Everyone needs to know the time. Secondly, the beautiful and unusual cuff style of these watches means they’re just as much as fashion statement as they are a timepiece.

The one pictured is the La Mer Watch – Turquoise Crystal Multichain but there are so many to choose from.

There’s something very elegant about these watches and they’d go with almost any daytime outfit. I’d like to see this one worn with a floral day dress in similar colours, with brown ankle boots and a light cardigan.

Sending Pleasure Forecast love to all the mums out there. Past, present and future! 

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