How To Throw An Incredible Engagement Party


If you and your boyfriend have been talking about the rest of your lives recently, chances are, you’re ready to get engaged! If you’re ready to announce your engagement, then now could be the time to throw a huge party and make it public in style.

Your friends and family all know that you are meant to be a couple forever. Chances are your friends and family have started to suspect that your boyfriend is about to propose. If you want the news to be a big surprise you may have to arrange the party on a pretense that it is for another occasion. Perhaps it could double up as a birthday bash? Or maybe you could suggest you have other news to announce to keep them off the trail?

Planning a big party can be hard work. Once you have drawn up the guest list, you will have an idea about whether you can accommodate everyone at home. You may need to hire a venue. If you are taking on the catering yourself, pick dishes that can be prepared several hours before hand. Cold buffets are ideal for this. If you need more oven, hob or fridge space, see if a neighbor can help out.

Are you designing invitations or letting everyone know through social media? It is sometimes easier to work as a team when it comes to getting the invites out. That way, you are less likely to miss anyone off the list. Social media contact will give the impression the party is less formal if you are trying to keep your news a surprise.

You may need to hire plates and glasses if you are catering for a lot of people. Caterers can often bring these supplies with them if you were hiring people to help. If you are planning to celebrate your big news, you might want to buy some champagne so everyone can toast you. This can be quite expensive. You may prefer to receive your RSVPs before ordering champagne.

Decorating your party venue is great fun. You can choose a theme or a color scheme. If it’s a surprise party, you might want to avoid anything that would give you away. Don’t use ‘Happy Couple’ balloons or ‘Congratulations’ banners. Instead, opt for table cloths, plain balloons, and a few fairy lights to set the tone.
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Creating a party atmosphere is easier to do once the furniture is moved out of the way. Start with an empty room, and decorate to fill the spaces. Try to keep a central area free. Use it to call everybody’s attention when you are ready to announce your news. Perhaps your fiance will get down on one knee and propose officially, complete with diamond Tacori ring? You might both want to make a speech about your love for each other.

It can be a nice touch to have some romantic tracks cued up ready for a slow dance. You might announce your news to a favorite tune. This could be one of the most romantic evenings of your lives so far. Have a great party and congratulations on your big news!


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