How To Enjoy Driving Again: A Primer For People That Hate Going On The Road

When I first started driving, I used to enjoy every minute of my time on the road. It thrilled me to know that I could go anywhere I wanted, whenever I wished to drive. I could just put some tunes on and enjoy the ride.

After a while, the negativity of driving started to affect me. It got to a point where I preferred to use public transport than get in my car! But then it hit me; there were some things I could do to make my life on the road more pleasant. So, I decided to make a few changes, and now I am enjoying driving once again!

Want to know what I did? Keep reading this handy primer to find out! You can also check out this video from Jess on how to build your confidence as a driver.

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I went over to the dark side and bought an automatic

One of the things that frustrated me about local driving is getting stuck in traffic jams. It also annoyed me how much I had to keep changing gear all the time, usually from neutral to first gear and back on a bad day!

In the end, I decided to head over to Mercedes Inchcape and traded in my manual car for one with a semi-auto gearbox. It’s great because I can stick the gear lever in “Drive” when I’m cruising. I also have the option to shift up and down gears just like in a manual. Except that I don’t need to worry about using a clutch pedal, of course!

I bought myself a satellite navigation device

Sometimes I have to travel to unfamiliar destinations for work. In the past, I would head over to Google Maps and print an itinerary out. The downside to that approach was that I found it hard to memorise the directions sometimes! As you can imagine, that made for a stressful journey!

For little outlay, I decided to get a sat-nav device. The brilliant thing about it is that I can customise my routes, avoiding main or toll roads, for example. And it even tells me when there is traffic on my route!

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I avoid driving in severe weather conditions

I’d like to say that I’m 100% confident at driving, but one thing that can challenge me is driving in bad weather. Heavy rain and snow aren’t the issues. I find that the problem is down to how other drivers react on the road.

Some motorists crawl down the road while others confuse the path they’re on with a racing track. It’s for those reasons that I just tend to avoid driving in adverse weather conditions.

I plan my road trips

There’s nothing in the rule book to say you can’t be spontaneous when you go on a road trip! After all; that’s part of the fun of going on one! But, I also find it’s a good idea to do some amount of planning before I hit the road.

For instance, I learn about the best places to park and areas to avoid for various reasons. That way, both my passengers and I can enjoy our time on the road without getting stressed out.

Thanks for reading this blog post. See you soon!

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