Fun Car-Related Activities To Try Out On Your Days Off From Work

F-TYPE S ManualAre you a motoring enthusiast? If so, you will love nothing more than to spend your spare time doing something car-related! Whether it’s tuning your pride and joy or attending car events. You are without a doubt a petrolhead at heart and have super unleaded coursing through your veins!

When you’ve got some time off from work, you might be wondering what to do with yourself. Did you know that there are plenty of fun car-related activities you can enjoy on your days off from work? Here are a few examples to help inspire you:


Visit a car museum

I don’t know about you, but I love going to car museums! Some people visit museums to see works of art. Well, I love going to automotive museums to do the same thing – except I’m looking at cars and not paintings.

There are plenty of automotive museums that offer a plethora of themes. For instance, some might house classic cars. Whereas others exhibit American muscle cars. And if you have a penchant for Italian vehicles, there are plenty of those museums on offer too!

I can guarantee you that you live close to a car museum. If you’ve got a family in tow, you can also bring them with you too. You can all enjoy a fun day out together there!

Go on a factory tour

You might not know this, but plenty of car makers arrange tours of their facilities to groups of interested people. Last month, I spotted a tasty VW Golf GTi for sale over at, and it got me thinking about how they get made.

On a spur of the moment, I decided to organise a trip to Volkswagen’s factory over in Germany. I was able to see how the car gets made and even managed to tour the vast factory complex with my friends!

Take part in an “experience day”

I must admit; I earn a good living but will never be able to afford something like a Ferrari or Lamborghini sports car. You might think that all I can do is dream about such cars. But, what if I told you that you could get behind the wheel of one? No, I’m not suggesting you should go and steal one!

For a small fee, you can take part in an experience day. It’s an organised event where you get to drive your favourite supercars and have expert tuition on how to handle them. On the slim chance that you win the lottery or something, you can then confidently buy one and know how to drive it.

Visit a motor show

I’m a sucker for motor shows. Yes, I’m a self-confessed car geek! I love to keep abreast of the latest developments in the motoring world. Visiting a motor show is a brilliant opportunity to find out what car makers have planned for future models.

You also get to see all kinds of weird and wonderful concept cars. I probably wouldn’t recommend dragging your family around a motor show as they might get bored easily. Unless you’re a family of car nuts, that is!

So, whether you want to see some touring cars at a museum or visit a motoring event, there is bound to be something near you that you can visit!

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