Finding The Perfect Car For Your USA Road Trip


There is no better adventure than the classic American road trip. Taking Route 66 across the heart of the country will lead to overwhelming natural beauty. Take the road all the way down the west coast and soak in the sunshine. You’ll meet new people and discover hidden secrets along the way. You’ll grow close with your travel companions, tell stories and make new memories. Best of all, you’ll see the country at its best and follow in the footsteps of countless explorers.

First things first, you need a good, reliable vehicle before you hit the road. You won’t get far if you set out with an old banger! You need something that can handle the off road bumps. You need a car that will add to the experience and take you across the length of the country. It’s not an easy one to find, but we’ve pulled together some tips for finding the right motor. Let’s take a look.

Convertible – A convertible sports car won’t be the most practical road trip choice. But, what better way to explore the west coast than with the top down? With the warm coastal air rushing past and the music on full blast, you’ll get a feeling like no other. You’ll see, smell and feel the countryside in its most pure form. It’s the perfect way to experience travelling at its best. You can stop on the side of the road and take in the views with crystal clear perfection.

Reliable – When you’re planning a long road trip, reliability is your first consideration. The last thing you want is a breakdown in the middle of nowhere. When you’re hitting the open American road, there’s a whole lot of nothing to pass through! If you break down on the way, you’re out of luck. Take a look at Imperial Car Supermarket and browse the likes of BMW, Volvo and Volkswagen. These are reliable, sturdy cars that will keep you trucking.

Surf vans – If you want the classic road trip experience, you could get your hands on an old surf van. These are the classic waggons that have taken countless explorers across the country. They may be battered, but they are easy to fix up and have plenty of room. You can sleep in the back or even lie on the roof and count the stars. For the true road trip experience, this is your choice.


Off roaders – The best part of road tripping is heading off the beaten path. Take the unexpected turns and head off into the great unknown. Find new towns, villages and people to interact with. Drive the car onto the beach, into the desert or up through the mountains. This is where you’ll find the most beautiful experiences. Just make sure you have a car that can handle the terrain. Try a Jeep, a 4×4 or even a pickup truck. Pickup trucks are ideal because you can store so many of your possessions in the back.

Hitting the open road is a wonderful experience. Take your best friends, make memories and – most of all – choose the right vehicle for the job! Have fun!

Images via Turn Eight car blog.

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