Everything You Need Before You Go Travelling

travellerGoing travelling shouldn’t be taken lightly. It’s a huge decision that will probably impact the rest of your life. People quit jobs to have opportunities like this, they end relationships, and they’re even willing to spend their entire life savings. It only makes sense that you ensure you have everything you need before you go on your way. Take a look at this list to ensure you’re not going to be caught short:

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Depending on where you’ve decided to go on your travels, you’re going to need certain vaccines. You can’t skip these; many places won’t let you in without the right vaccines, and you’ll need documentation to prove that you’ve had them. There are some that are required, and some that are recommended. You should have both sets to make sure you stay healthy throughout your travels.

A Plan

Going travelling without a plan is the worst thing you could possibly do. You should know where you want to go, have tickets in advance, and even have planned some specific activities. Don’t get me wrong; the plan is subject to change, and you definitely don’t have to plan every last detail. Planning every last detail will take the fun out of it for sure. Just go with a bit of structure so the whole thing isn’t so scary.

A Huge Cash Cushion

You probably need more money than you think. That’s probably a lot to you, as you already know you need a ton of money to do this in the first place! At the end of the day, anything can happen and you need to be prepared. Have an emergency fund saved and don’t touch it unless it’s an absolute emergency.


Insurance will protect you from the worst of situations. We all hope that we won’t be faced with the prospect of claiming on our insurance, but you just don’t know where you could end up. You could break a leg, have a cancelled flight, or at the very worst; die. The guys at www.nobleoak.com.au recommend that you choose a policy you find good value for money. Make sure everything you’re going to be doing is covered so you don’t get left in the lurch.

Backpack or Suitcase

Whether you take a backpack or suitcase all depends on how long you’re going to be travelling. If you’re going for a few short months and have a lot to take, a suitcase should be fine. If you’re planning on travelling for a long time, a backpack will allow you to be more comfortable as you move from place to place.

Big Memory Cards

You’re going to take a whole lot of photos and videos. The worst thing that could happen is running out of memory on your phone, camera, or other important device!

Extra Batteries

How would you feel if you were about to snap a picture of the most beautiful animal you’d ever seen, when your camera ran out of batteries? They’ll always come in handy.


Learning a few phrases will make your trips so much more bearable and pleasant! Locals will appreciate you learning their language, even if it’s only a bit.

If you can safely say you have the things in this post, you’re ready to become a fully fledged traveller!


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