What is Egyptian cotton and why is it so good?


Are you about to buy new bedsheets or towels and are wondering why Egyptian cotton is so good? Here are all the details.

Egyptian cotton has long been renowned for being one of the most luxurious, and durable, of all cotton yarns. It is a type of gossypium barbadense, a cotton plant which is typified by its strong, silky-soft fibres and extra-long staple (usually no shorter than 1 and three-eights of an inch).

The length and strength of the fibres enables the cotton to be spun into a yarn that is extremely fine and tightly bound, making the end product incredibly soft and comfortable. This makes Egyptian cotton one of the most sought-after of all cottons, and this is why it has gained a reputation for being a high-end, luxury product that always delivers the highest in quality, durability, and sumptuous softness.

Egyptian cotton is valued, and valuable, because it is at once soft, fine, and breathable, but it is also an extremely strong, absorbent, and durable yarn which is highly resistant to pilling. These fine qualities explain why Egyptian cotton is the most sought-after cotton for luxury, top quality towels, bedding and clothing. For a fantastic variety of superior quality Egyptian cotton yarns, take a look at this wide range of Giza 45 cotton.

The uses for Egyptian cotton are almost endless. It has long been considered the ultimate fabric for luxurious, super-soft, elegant bedlinen, and its high absorbency also makes it the perfect material for thick, fluffy towels and bathrobes. Egyptian cotton is also ideal for breathable, durable, quality clothing which is suitable for any season and which will stand the test of time.



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