9 Ways To Save Money Gift Giving!


Gift giving is enjoyable! It’s lovely to see loved ones appreciating the presents you have got for them at any special occasion. However, at occasions such as Christmas (which isn’t far away!) gift giving can get pretty expensive. As much as we would love to spend all the money we have on our friends and family, unfortunately we just can’t. Here is how you can save a little bit of your money when buying gifts. Continue reading

Beautiful Scottish-made items for your home and wardrobe

Scotland is full of history and culture so it’s no wonder that the country produces such amazing products. Here are some gorgeous items that have all been made in Scotland.

For the home


As far as I’m concerned, everyone needs a tweed stag head on their wall. This would look fantastic when paired with tartan throws, a roaring fire and a glass of single malt Scotch.


This jack rabbit print is so charming. It’s a great way to bring a little element of nature into your home while maintaining a very modern look.


These thistle napkins are simple and beautiful. They’d look great in a really bright dining room with fresh flowers on the table.

For your wardrobe


This oxidized silver ring is just striking. The unusual design is bound to turn heads. Wear with a simple LBD and some sparkly high heels.


This printed scarf could be worn in so many ways. It looks great here with this simple outfit but it would also look lovely with a nice dress ready for an evening out. As the scarf is so big, it can be used as a cover up when evenings get chilly.

Fabulous Black products

This scarf would make a beautiful cravat. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or woman, it would look great tucked into a black shirt.

For the cupboard

As we’re here, we should look at food. Why not, who doesn’t love food?


Want to start your own veg patch? Why not treat yourself to this starter kit. It contains everything you need to grow radishes, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and more.


Dark chocolate and raspberries, a great combination but have you ever seen chocolate as pretty as this?


Glittery, tartan chocolate, what more could you want? These would make great gifts for anyone at any time of the year.

If you want to see all this and more, take a look at www.madefromscotland.com. The site is full of unique items for your home made in this beautiful country by independent sellers.

Mother’s Day gifts for happy mums


With Mother’s Day coming up (March 30th 2014) I wanted to look at some lovely gifts you can treat your mum to. Some people feel that Mother’s Day is an over-commercialised holiday with no real worth. While in part I would agree and I don’t need a special day to appreciate my mum, it’s still nice to treat your mum once in a while.

Continue reading

Pretty, sustainable candles

Sustainable soy candles


These sustainable candles are a great alternative to paraffin or beeswax candles. Not only do they burn for 40 hours each but they’re non-toxic too.

I had to post these because they’re just so pretty. I’ve found that a lot of scented candles can make my cat sick (crazy-cat-lady alert). I wonder if these would be a bit more gentle on his sensitive soul.

These candles are £9.95 each and come in scents such as amber & nutmeg, rose, and bergamot.

Visit Dotcomgiftshop.com for these pretty candles and much more.