The Stinkiest Foods I Just Love To Eat

blue cheese crumbles
I do love my food, but sometimes the smell of cooking gets trapped in my kitchen for days! Some foods are worse than others, so I try to keep the window open, and the extractor hood is running while I cook. Everyone knows onions are one of those foods you have to cook with that can cause a real stink. But in my house, there are far more foods to worry about! Continue reading

Tips For Planning The Perfect Summer Wedding

Jenna & Shye

If you want to get married this summer, now is the time to start making arrangements. While most people plan their wedding a year or more in advance, it is not unusual for the arrangements to be made over a shorter period. However, you’re going to need some tips from the experts if you want to ensure that you don’t overlook anything important. Today, we’re giving you a basic guide to planning your summer wedding that should cover all the bases. When all’s said and done, you’ll have to work quickly if you want the fairy tale event of which most women dream. Continue reading

How To Maintain A Long Term Relationship

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It is important to keep the spark alive in your relationship. After the initial buzz starts to fade, both men and women can settle into a routine. Of course, no one is expecting you to maintain the lust and excitement of the first year, but you don’t want things to go stale either. That is the trick of maintaining a happy, long term relationship. But how do you get to there? What do you do? There isn’t a generic answer because everyone couple is different. But, here are a couple of simple ways you can maintain your relationship for years to come. Continue reading

Driving Is A Fantastic Way To Relieve Stress


You have just come home from a truly awful day at work. Your partner is not home yet. There is no food in the house. Nothing to eat or drink to get rid of that built in anxiety. You can not build up the necessary effort to hit the gym and for some reason a nice, relaxing bath does not seem like a good option. What is your next move? You may not have thought about this but what about just getting in the car and taking a drive. Continue reading