Asking Her to Marry You: Things to Remember

If you can’t picture your life with anybody else in it, proposing to your girlfriend might be a good idea. The idea of asking somebody to marry you can be scary, but when you’ve found the one, it makes no sense to wait! Here are some things to remember to help you:

You Shouldn’t be Surprised by the Answer

If you think you’re going to be surprised by the answer, you probably shouldn’t be proposing. After all, you should have been with your partner long enough to discuss your future and have a pretty good feeling they will say yes. If you’re not sure what she’ll say, then you should probably put it off a bit longer.


Keep it a Surprise

Although you’re both sure you’re going to spend your lives together, you should still keep an element of surprise around the proposal. Try not to make it obvious. It can be difficult to act like your normal self when you know you’re going to do something as big as this. Try to make it so she doesn’t suspect a thing. Avoid telling too many people!

Don’t Go Public

Proposing in public is usually a bad idea. This could get you an instant ‘no!’ if you’re not careful. Even if you’re sure she’s going to say yes, proposing in public can be embarrassing. By public, I mean on the big screen at a sports match, or on stage at a concert. If you know for sure this will be her thing, then do it. It’s just usually a little risky!

Personalise it

Try to personalise the proposal to make it suited to your other half. If she absolutely loves the zoo, propose there. That’s just an example. I’m sure you can get more creative than me! This is a story you’ll tell forever, so make sure it’s worth remembering and retelling.

Guard the Ring Carefully

The ring is very important, so you need to make sure you guard it carefully. Make sure you keep it somewhere safe, and that there’s no chance of your other half finding it.

Don’t Ask Without a Ring

In a poll, it was found that one of the biggest mistakes men make is asking without a ring. It can be a nice idea, as she then gets to help you pick her own ring. But in an instance like this, you need to be brave. You need to show her that you’ve put thought into this. It can be hard, but you should know her well enough to choose something she’ll like. Click here for this great James Allen review with information that can help you.

Wait for the Right Moment

When you’ve got a ring in your pocket, proposing will always be on your mind. But make sure you wait for the right moment to do it. Don’t rush it. When the time comes, you’ll know!

This is probably going to be one of the scariest but best moments of your life. Good luck!


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