The Pleasure Forecast is all about the little things that make you happy. After all, finding and knowing pleasure should be a way of life.



I am a lover of life, good-hair-haver and blogger. The things that make me happy are Australian accents, Formula One cars, Mustangs and cats. I’m also quite fond of road trips, food and notebooks.

I quit my job to pursue the things that make me happy. I now get to write Director as my job description, write about the things I love and spend days having my photo taken. I have at cat called Tuesday and a Fiat Punto called Ultra.

I run the blogs Feeling Stylish and Love Norfolk.





Almost obsessive about following happiness. ¬†Boats, planes and hotel rooms make me happy. Deep sofas, being kind, touching pets and people, often, are all essentials. I smile a lot, can’t understand why others don’t and I’m evangelical about using your sense of smell as a navigation tool.

I quit a job too! said goodbye to a travel and creative career in Australia thanks to an epiphinal flight home. I write about travel and life. I’m quirky, and I’m okay with that.

I run the travel blog Transformative Travel.

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