5 Incredibly Romantic Ideas For Your Wedding

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Without even trying, your wedding will be a beautiful and romantic occasion. How can it not be? Two people declaring their love for one another in front of their family and friends. It doesn’t get more lovey-dovey than that! But, for many couples, they want to make this all important day even more special and memorable with a few little extra romantic touches. It’s like a pizza. On its own it’s delicious. But with even more of your favourite ingredients added on top, it becomes phenomenal. Take a look at some of these incredibly romantic ideas for your wedding.

  1. Personalised wedding invitations

If you think about it, your invitations are like the introduction to your wedding. It’s the first opportunity to show your wedding guests how romantic your special day is going to be. Giving your invites a personal touch is a perfect way to do this. You may wish to check out websites like paperthemes.co.uk for a range of invitations that you can personalise. To make your invites unique to your wedding, you might want to include a special poem that means something to you both, a picture or the story of how you two met.

  1. Wedding guest book with a difference

Wedding guest books are a great opportunity for your guests to wish you well in your future as a married couple. However, for an added level of romance, why not get your guests to also write down ideas for date nights for you and your partner. These will get added to a jar that you will  draw from every time its date night. This gives you something to look forward to once the wedding and honeymoon are over and helps to keep the romance alive.

  1. Affectionate table numbers

Use the table numbers at your wedding dinner as another opportunity to be romantic. For example, number 6 could be the day of the month that you had your first date. Number 4 might be how many years you have been a couple. Alternatively, table one could have a picture of you both during your first year together, table two a picture of your second year, and so on.

  1. Personalised placemats

Give each guest a personal note on their placemat to let them know how much they mean to you. For example, you could write a heartfelt thank you to your maid of honour or best man for all their help on the lead up to the wedding. Just imagine the smiles (and perhaps happy tears) on your loved one’s faces when they see this personal touch for the first time.

  1. Make a time capsule

As part of the ceremony, add some special items into a time capsule that you will reopen on a special wedding anniversary. This could include love letters, a polaroid of you exchanging vows and a nice bottle of wine.

It’s easy to host a romantic wedding, but with these little touches it could be an extra special day. Have fun being creative with your love on your wedding day.

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