World Wildlife Day Outfit Ideas

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I thought outfit ideas for the upcoming World Wildlife Day would make a great post as it’s coming up soon (March 3) and is a global event to celebrate the world’s varied and valuable wild flora and fauna.

It is also an opportunity to raise awareness of continuing need to fight against wildlife crime. Why not show your support for this day by wearing one of these wildlife inspired outfits?

Daytime: Smart

Most of us will be at work on World Wildlife Day, so here are some ideas for professional outfits, with a wild twist. Keeping it subtle, team up a black suit or little black dress with a pair of leopard print pumps or heels. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous why not slip a sheer zebra print shirt under a pinafore dress or suit jacket. Little hints of wildlife in your accessories will also work well.

Daytime: Casual

If you are lucky enough to be off work, or you work in a laid-back environment here are some casual daytime looks. Blend in with nature by choosing khaki colors. I love skinny khaki pants – the styles that offer perfect fit and comfort, but look super chic at the same time. Complete your outfit with a loose fitting white shirt on top and a pair of killer stilettos. Bold, bright dresses that feature with floral patterns would also look perfect for a casual daytime outfit on World Wildlife Day.
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Evening: Smart

If you have something planned for the evening, perhaps a work event or a lovely meal out, try some of these smart evening outfits. I love short dresses that are inspired by birds. For example styles with loads of bold colors, statement shoulders made of faux feathers or plenty of layered material to create movement. If it’s cold outside, pair a simple, sexy dress with a faux fur jacket. Pump up your hair from the roots to complete this lion inspired look. For a sleek black cat look, wear a fitted full-length jumpsuit and killer heels. Combine with a glossy ponytail and cat-eye makeup for the perfect look.

Evening: Casual

For an evening in with your partner or friends, grab a pair of skinny jeans and wear with an animal print t-shirt or jumper for an effortless look. Alternatively, a shirt dress with tropical print worn over a pair of leggings would be both comfortable and chic. If you are really taking it easy in the evening, pull on an animal inspired onesie and slippers, pop on the Lion King and marvel at how incredible nature is.

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A final idea…

Want to do something extra special to show your support for World Wildlife Day? Why not try sourcing these outfits from environmentally friendly retailers or thrift shops? This way you’ll look stunning while doing your bit towards protecting the world’s incredible flora and fauna.

Happy World Wildlife Day when it comes, fashionistas. I’m sure you will look wonderfully wild.

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