What Tech Features Should Your Next Car Have?


Technology is something that most of us use each day, whether we like to admit that fact or not. Even the cars we drive are abundant with electronics and gadgets designed to make our lives on the road easier and safer.

If you’re shopping around for a new car, you might be wondering what the latest features are worth having. It can sometimes be confusing to determine what tech items you need to have in your next vehicle. Today’s blog post will cover some of the most important ones you need to add to your shortlist:

Bluetooth Connectivity

One feature that you are likely to find in most modern vehicles is Bluetooth. It’s a wireless communication method used by your car to connect to your smartphone. Instead of remembering to connect a cable from your handset, you can “pair” it with your car’s head unit.

That way, the connection automatically resumes when your phone is in the vicinity of your car. With Bluetooth, you can make and receive handsfree calls, stream music from Spotify and more.

It’s possible to buy aftermarket head units with Bluetooth as standard. But, I recommend finding a car that has it built-in as standard. That way, you don’t need to bear any extra costs to use the functionality.

Dual Zone Climate Control


Climate control is just another name for air conditioning. The only difference is that you can determine the precise temperature you want your car to be at when you’re driving.

All you have to do is set the temperature to the desired degrees in Celsius or Fahrenheit, and the system adjusts the air settings for you. Many older cars come with single zone climate control as standard, but more are now getting built with dual zone.

The benefit of dual zone climate control is that you can have one temperature for yourself, and another for other people. According to Marnie from Hilton Garage, some high-end cars even have quad zone climate control. That way, all occupants can set the amount of cool air or heat they want!

Torque Vectoring

Does it annoy you when one or more of your tyres spin during uneven cornering or even from launch on a wet road? I know it annoys the hell out of me! The problem seems to get amplified in cars that have beefier engines too.

One way to solve that issue is by getting a car that comes with torque vectoring as standard. In a nutshell, it’s an innovation that distributes the right amount of power to each wheel. It’s often found in 4×4 SUVs, and even saloons and coupes with all-wheel drive.

Torque vectoring is a welcome tech feature to today’s cars as it makes your life on the road safer – especially in adverse weather.

Rear View Camera

The final must-have tech feature I want to mention today are rear view cameras. Most people rely on their rear view mirrors or parking sensors to help avoid parallel parking blunders. But, rear view cameras let you see exactly what’s going on behind you.

They also use augmented reality. Guide lines get overlaid on top of the video feed so you know how much space you’ve got left before you reverse into something. It’s also a handy feature to have when you’re going on a road trip to somewhere new.

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