The Culinary Guide to Europe

If you’re thinking about visiting Europe, you need to know what food you should try while you’re there. So, here’s your culinary guide to Europe!


French cuisine isn’t all about garlic and baguettes; there’s a rich and varied national cuisine for you to explore when you arrive in the country. If you want to splash the cash, you could try some well-prepared foie gras. But there’s plenty of more simple French food too. Who could resist a great croque monsieur?

And no visit to France would be complete without a trip to a traditional French patisserie. Here you can sample macarons, eclairs and the mille-feuille vanilla slice (also known as the Napoleon).


When it comes to German cuisine, the stereotypical stuff is the best stuff. The best thing about German food is the meat and the beer! It’s not the most healthy diet to take up, but it’s great food to indulge in when you’re visiting the country.

Pork, and particularly bratwurst, is the most popular kind of meat in Germany, and that means the Germans are great and cooking meat. Most meat is braised rather than fried or roasted. But if you visit a city, you’ve got to try a currywurst. They’re a version of the bratwurst sliced up and spiced with curry ketchup.


Spain has a mixed and interesting approach to food. This is largely because its cuisine has been influenced by the different rulers and occupiers the country had throughout history. Today there’s a rich variety to choose from and a few famous national dishes.

Paella is the most famous dish, made up of rice and assorted seafood. It’s a great food to have when there’s a big group of you. You also have to visit a Barcelona tapas restaurant while you’re in the country.

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Greek cuisine is one of the most healthy in Europe. It revolved around the use of olives, lemons, vegetables and fish. The most famous dish is probably the Greek salad, but I guarantee you haven’t fully tried a Greek salad until you’ve eaten it in Greece!

For me though, the fresh fish dishes are the best you’ll find in Greece, especially if you’re staying on the coast. There’s nothing better than visiting a taverna by the sea and trying a grilled fish recipe freshly prepared by a Greek chef.


We’re pretty familiar with Italian cuisine in the west, but we might not know it as well as we think. There’s a lot of regional variation when it comes to Italian food. Yes, pasta is used across the country. But, for instance, if you visit the north of the country, you’ll find a lot of fish and rice used.

But if you visit Tuscany, you’ll find dishes that have been passed on for generations and have their origins in peasant meals. The dishes tend to combine a mixture of ingredients in simple recipes. Legumes, bread, mushrooms and fruit are all commonly used.

One of the best things about travelling is trying new food, so make sure you give these recommendations a try when you’re visiting Europe.


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