Unmistakable Signs That You Are Ready To Tie The Knot

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Marriage is the biggest commitments you will ever make, and for some people that means that they never want to do it. Some women hate the idea of settling down with just one person for the rest of their life. Others, can’t wait to walk down the aisle and whisper “I do”. If you have been seeing someone for a while, here are some of the unmistakable signs that you are ready for marriage.

You are sick of hearing your single friends moan

Some single ladies love nothing more than moaning about their latest date disaster or man problem. There comes a point, though, when you get sick of listening to the same stories all the time. If you are blissfully happy with your partner, you might find it hard to relate to the perils of the single life.

You have already planned your dream wedding

Did you grow up imagining what your dream wedding will be like and how it will pan out? If you have already looked at a few choice venues and browsed loads of bridal shops online, it says just one thing about you. Planning your wedding is no fun, unless you have the right man by your side. The chances are that you have already found him, and you’re ready to take the plunge.

Every time your boyfriend takes you out, you hope he will pop the question

When your boyfriend arranges a lovely dinner for the two of you at a fancy restaurant, only one thing goes through your mind. “Tonight could be the night he proposes,” you think to yourself, hoping you are right. If, every time he plans a date, you hope he’s going to pop the question, you are more than ready to get wed. Getting engaged is one of the most exciting things that can happen to you so we don’t blame you for getting your hopes up!

You know his parents and (think) they like you

If you have got to the stage in your relationship when you have already met his parents, you can judge whether marriage is on the cards or not. How did they act towards you? If his parents were warm and friendly, he could be the one. Remember, when you marry someone, you marry their family too, and so you better get on with them.


You have stayed at their house for Christmas

What did you do during the festive season last year? If you skipped your family meal to hang out with his family, that shows what your priorities are. Spending the Christmas season with your boyfriend’s family shows that you already see yourself as one of them. When you marry someone, you will likely have to spend Christmas with their family, and so this is good practice.

When people ask you when you will tie the knot, it doesn’t scare you

When you hit your mid-twenties, it seems as though everybody has just one thing they want to ask you. Everybody from your great aunt to your dad wants to know when you are going to tie the knot. Some people find this question scary. If, when people ask you this prying question, you get butterflies in your stomach, it means that the idea of a wedding excites you. If, on the flip side, the question makes you want to be sick, you might want to hold out a little bit longer.

If you find the right person for you, marriage is a beautiful thing. Making the decision to marry someone is one of the noblest and most incredible things you can do. So, when do you think you’ll tie the knot?

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