Facing my fears at Zipworld in North Wales


Facing a fear is a strange thing, at least for me. I’m scared of heights and I get major anxiety even in the most simple and of situations. I know that my fears are irrational and I’m on a mission to conquer them. I don’t want to be a wimp, I don’t want to miss out on amazing things because of this silliness.

The ZipWorld zipwires might not seem like much to most people but the mere thought made me want to bail on a trip I knew I’d love and totally needed. Continue reading

A guide to the Paleo diet

IMG_1248The Paleo diet has been championed on The Pleasure Forecast before but it’s now time to look into exactly what it is, why people eat in this way and how it can benefit your health.

Paleo is all about going back to the way that Paleolithic man ate thousands of years ago. That means plenty of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.

The idea is that we go back to eating how our bodies evolved to eat. So many people have intolerances to gluten and dairy — even if it’s not severe — and we’re one of the few mammals that consume milk past infancy. The reason these health problems occur is because we’re not evolved to eat like this. Continue reading

Mother’s Day gifts for happy mums


With Mother’s Day coming up (March 30th 2014) I wanted to look at some lovely gifts you can treat your mum to. Some people feel that Mother’s Day is an over-commercialised holiday with no real worth. While in part I would agree and I don’t need a special day to appreciate my mum, it’s still nice to treat your mum once in a while.

Continue reading

Pretty, sustainable candles

Sustainable soy candles


These sustainable candles are a great alternative to paraffin or beeswax candles. Not only do they burn for 40 hours each but they’re non-toxic too.

I had to post these because they’re just so pretty. I’ve found that a lot of scented candles can make my cat sick (crazy-cat-lady alert). I wonder if these would be a bit more gentle on his sensitive soul.

These candles are £9.95 each and come in scents such as amber & nutmeg, rose, and bergamot.

Visit Dotcomgiftshop.com for these pretty candles and much more.

Take a weekend to do something you love

If you work during the week, the weekend can be the time for visiting family, doing chores, going to the shops and seeing friends. Sometimes, though, it’s best to get away from it all and do something you want to do rather than what you’re obligated to.


A few weekends ago I headed to Birmingham with the boyfriend and spent two glorious days at the Autosport International Show with a wonderful overnight stay at the Forest of Arden, a Marriott Hotel & Country Club. Continue reading

Playing with your friends

This slightly ambiguous title isn’t anything sexual (sorry) but it’s about taking part in a team sport. Our first guest post from Ali Bunn – or should that be Knockturn Ali?


If you read the Pleasure Forecast regularly you’ll know by now that fitness is dead important for enjoying the life you lead. Physically this is understandable – exercise releases endorphins which make you happy in the short term. In the long term regular exercise helps to control your weight and boost your energy too. There are mental benefits as well, though… Continue reading