New skincare brand Fountain of Youth launches at Gaucho in London

FOY Launch Event - Image 4

Stirling Murray of The Red Tree addresses guests

Last week a new beauty brand launched onto the scene with an event at Gaucho in London. The brand, Fountain of Youth, was born from a range of skincare products designed to help in the recovery of cosmetic surgery patients. This means they are gentle but effective.

No matter how old you are, Fountain of Youth’s capsule range of eight products will help to reduce the signs of ageing (or prevent them!) by improving skin elasticity, hydrating skin and reducing the appearance of fine lines.

FOY Launch Event - Image 3

Television presenter and racing driver Rebecca Jackson talks with Stirling Murray of The Red Tree ahead of the event

FOY Launch Event - Image 7

Stirling Murray of The Red Tree answers questions from guests

FOY Launch Event - Image 8

Rebecca Jackson (wearing Belstaff) chats with guests at the event

FOY Launch Event - Image 2

Happy guests gather with their F.O.Y goody bags

FOY Launch Event - Image 6

Jess Shanahan of Jet Social photographed with Rebecca Jackson

FOY Launch Event - Image 1

Stirling Murray, Ada Gaternmann of Kensington Skin Care, Rebecca Jackson, David Randle of Vitamin Angels, Lisa Padmore of Complete Skincare Expertise and Mario Smrcek of Essential Health Labs/Fountain of Youth

It was a fantastic event and a great chance to try some wonderful products. We’re going to be seeing a lot from this brand in the coming months. For more information visit

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