Do you make these internet mistakes?

photoActually, you probably don’t make these internet mistakes but if someone you know does, point them in the right direction. Kindness isn’t just about helping old ladies across the road, it can be about stopping friends and family from making fools of themselves on the Internet too.


We’ll start off quite basic but I think this is only a mistake parents and grandparents make on the Internet (or in texts). When you type in caps, it’s akin to shouting. No one likes being shouted at.

If you really want to emphasise something, capitalise ONE word or italicise it.

Trying to be too unique

Going into a forum or social network trying to be unique is a silly idea. You probably don’t have anything the internet hasn’t seen before. Wow, a girl gamer, great but there plenty out there. A guy who is into women’s rights, so? You’re from the US but love UK television? Join the queue.

Be individual, be yourself but don’t feel like you’re bringing something new to the party.

Expecting everyone to be lovely

The anonymity the Internet affords gives people the confidence to be blunt and honest. They might tell you they’re not keen on your new hair style or that your latest blog sucked. Take it on the chin, improve if you can/want to and move on.

If you’re worried about people being honest or a bit rude, steer clear of forums like Reddit.

Expecting to be trolled

#Hackta 8 Just because some people on the internet are honest, doesn’t mean you’re going to run into a troll. Don’t be scared of getting trolled, it doesn’t happen to that many people.

Live your Internet life the way you want to without fears of what’s lurking under the proverbial bridge.

Seeking attention

Perhaps you want a bit of attention and post a saucy cleavage-filled photo on a social network. The attention you get is either going to be negative or creepy. If you do want this sort of attention, go ahead.

You might get jealous girls calling you a slut or you might get cock shots sent in reply. Just beware.


On Facebook, I’ve seen people talk about the social workers due to come to their homes to take away their children. I’ve read conversations between family members about beating up ex-boyfriends. And I know far too much about some friends’ sex lives.

If you wouldn’t stand in the middle of a party and shout it out, it’s probably not appropriate for Facebook.

We’ve been discussing over-sharing and Rose has this piece of advice to offer: “If you feel sad, face it and don’t Facebook it.

Write that down.

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  1. Hmm, great tips, especially the one about facing your sadness instead of Facebooking it, haha. Can I also mention how much I enjoy the huge text in this comment box? Maybe I’m getting old but I feel like usually the text boxes are much smaller. 😉

  2. Great article with very interesting tips. Thanks for sharing darling!! 😉

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