Get a bit more colour in your life

You'd do anything for a quiet life

Living a colourful life doesn’t mean you have to fill home and wardrobe with garish items. Mixing colours and patterns doesn’t need to be garish but so many of us steer clear of bright because we just don’t know how to use them. Here are some tips for getting that injection of colour into your life.

Stick to one spot in the home

wallcoverKeep the majority of your home decor neutral but add in one statement piece. For example, this green wallpaper from WALLCOVER and the matching columns. This is a great way to make a real impact without worrying too much about the rest of your colour scheme.



Sometimes it pays to be daring. Go into a shop and try on a few items that you might not usually pick out, you may surprise yourself. If you don’t feel ready for a lot of colour then start off small with a bright necklace or bag.



Experiment with different colours of eyeshadow or lipstick, it’s easy to tone it all down with some black eyeliner or brown shadow in the crease of your eyelid. Take some time to sit down and try new things because you might find the colour that really makes your eyes pop.

Visit colourful places


I don’t know about you but colourful places make me happy. I love seeing beautiful art work, bright buildings and stunning flower gardens. If you surround yourself with places like this that inspire you, you’re bound to let a little more colour into your life.

Where does your colour come from?


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