European Road Trip Essentials

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We’re very lucky having Europe right on our doorstep. There is an astonishing array of cultures and landscapes to see, and what better way of doing it than by road trip? We’ve already done the U.S.A., so now it’s time to turn our attentions to somewhere closer to home. Here are five things that will make or break your road trip across the continent.

An EHIC Card

The good old NHS may not be around for too much longer, but at least it exists for now. However, they can’t help you if you should fall ill or have an accident when you are on the continent. Make sure you apply for an EHIC card well before you leave. They are completely free of charge and will give you the protection of health insurance for the entire duration of your trip. You don’t have to have one, but if something happens you can expect some almighty bills for your treatment.

A tablet or e-reader

OK, it doesn’t have to be Kindle, but an e-reader is going to be essential. Every single country you visit is going to mean learning the rudiments of a new language. And with packing likely to be very tight, there isn’t going to be room for a few dozen foreign dictionaries. The solution? Just buy them in e-book form and have them loaded and ready on your device. Every time you cross a border you will have everything you need to find whatever you are looking for.


A Zippy Car

You have a couple of choices here. You could hire a car – which will be expensive over the course of a few weeks – or buy one yourself. You will want something comfortable and that will handle long distances, but will also be mobile enough to zip around the many busy cities you are likely to visit. We’ve had a good look around the web and think one of these Citroens from Pentagon-Group might just do the job. They all have excellent fuel consumption and have the added benefit of being French! It’s the perfect combination for a European tour as far as we’re concerned.

An Up To Date Passport

Please, please, please. Make sure your passport is up to date and covers you for longer than your trip away. Even if you have a few months left on it and only intend on going for four weeks, you never know what might happen. You could fall ill, or even fall in love: there are no guarantees you will come back when you originally planned. Make sure you have at least a year left beyond your trip, just in case.

Lots Of Clothes

You will be traveling through many different environments in Europe, so make sure you have enough different types of clothing to keep you going. It gets cold for much of the year in Scandinavia, so if you are exploring the north of Europe bring a good coat. However, if you are heading to the beaches of Croatia, then all you are going to need is a swimsuit and a smile. The point is, be prepared for anything and everything and your trip will be as comfortable as it can be.

Hopefully, we’ve prompted you to get everything planned well in advance. Have a great trip!

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