Destination I Do: How Pull Off A Big and Beautiful Wedding in Greece

Greece has always been a top destination of choice when it comes to big and beautiful weddings. The country’s a wonderful kaleidoscope of culture, colour, and flavours, prompting couples from all over the world to tie the knot here in their wedding bucket list. A wedding in Greece is a romantic affair – it gets to be celebrated around ancient architecture with a deep history, highlighted by stunning scenery you can’t find anywhere else and illuminated by the dreamy Greek light.


The good thing about getting married here is that there are readily available all-in wedding packages in Greece for quick and easy matrimony. But if you’re the type of couple who wants to make sure that you’ll have a unique and unforgettable affair, it’s recommended to take time to plan and strategize on how to personalize and add a personal touch to your big day. In this article, we will guide you through the critical elements you should consider in order to pull off the Greek wedding of your dreams, just like a wedding planner in Greece would.

Set the date

One of the most important things when planning a destination wedding is the date — finding the most ideal time where you and your guests would be at your most comfortable. One of the advantages of deciding to go for a wedding in Greece is that the weather and getting here will be the least of your concerns. The country is a Mediterranean paradise, meaning it’s virtually sunny and shiny all-year-round. The islands are always bursting with colours — from the village Bougainvillea, the turquoise seas, and the golden sunrises and sunsets. Plus, all major islands have modern airports, charter services (via land, air, or water), and accommodation of all types of budget, so bringing guests from all over the world will never be a problem.

Choose your venue


It is very important to set the location beforehand. Greece is a country of islands, which is a good thing if you like a lot of options. There are literally hundreds of venue choices in Greece, from cliff hotels and private villas, down to olive groves and private islands. A wedding in Athens, for example, will let you say your “I dos” with a view of ancient ruins, something utterly unique and you can do in Greece. If you are set on your vision (be it indoors or outdoors), choosing the perfect location would be a breeze. Plus, your Greek wedding planner will be there to help and guide you along the way, including budget and logistics.

Find your style


Your wedding’s theme is one of the elements that make a standout affair. It should make a statement and create impact — and it’s easy to do that with a wedding in Greece. The country has talented wedding suppliers that will help you with your vision, making sure that every detail will comply with your style. You’ll have the freedom to be creative as Greece will be the canvas for your most romantic artwork. Want a sophisticated woodland wonderland wedding? A classic beach celebration under the Greek stars? Party aboard a yacht? Any of these you can do in Greece!

Plan the activities


Going to Greece should not limit you to the wedding. There are a lot of awesome activities you and your guests MUST enjoy and take advantage of. Don’t make your wedding in Greece just a quick affair — make it a holiday! Encourage your guests to explore the islands. Do food crawls and wine tours in Santorini, go on historical and archaeological immersions in Athens, go island hopping in Zakynthos, or go shopping in Mykonos — so many things to do!

It’s up to you on how big and bold you want your wedding to be. Just remember that your wedding planner in Greece will always be there to assist you in making the happiest of memories.

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