Driving Is A Fantastic Way To Relieve Stress


You have just come home from a truly awful day at work. Your partner is not home yet. There is no food in the house. Nothing to eat or drink to get rid of that built in anxiety. You can not build up the necessary effort to hit the gym and for some reason a nice, relaxing bath does not seem like a good option. What is your next move? You may not have thought about this but what about just getting in the car and taking a drive. Continue reading

European Road Trip Essentials

Bacon's map of Europe
We’re very lucky having Europe right on our doorstep. There is an astonishing array of cultures and landscapes to see, and what better way of doing it than by road trip? We’ve already done the U.S.A., so now it’s time to turn our attentions to somewhere closer to home. Here are five things that will make or break your road trip across the continent. Continue reading