AGA launches the brilliant AGA Foodhall

AGA-Foodhall-Crate-3I trust AGA when it comes to food. An AGA cooker makes any kitchen the heart of the home, drawing people in with warmth and beautifully cooked food.

When I received the information about AGA Foodhall, I was excited. The new website features food from artisan producers that can be delivered to your door. This means you can find beautiful food that you may not have seen elsewhere.

Browse through categories such as hampers, herbs and home baking. It’s like one big farm shop but you don’t have to drive through muddy country back roads to get to it. (Although, perhaps, that’s an upside to farm shops….)


The press release has the following to say about the food on offer: “Importantly, all food sold under the AGA Foodhall banner will be from trusted producers and with a traceable provenance. This is particularly valuable at the moment when trust in food sellers is at an all time low. Essentially, AGA Foodhall will create an edit of the very best food available and make it easy for the customer every step of the way.”

Also, worth checking out is the AGA Sweet Shop. It’s definitely not paleo but is one of the reasons I only partake in this way of life 80% of the time.


Christmas is coming (Rose and I are well aware of this after our amazing trip to the Thursford Christmas Spectacular here in Norfolk) and it’s time to start thinking about presents. Check out the amazing selection of hampers on offer from AGA Foodhall. They make great gifts for anyone who loves food — regardless of whether they own an AGA or not.


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  1. OMFG those hampers look lush!

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