6 Helpful Tips To Deal With and Prevent Injury


Gym injuries can be painful. Both physically, and to your pride. There’s no worse feeling than a tight muscle on the treadmill. Or feeling a twinge in your shoulder. If gone unnoticed, they can lead to something serious. It’s important we take care of our bodies and treat injuries with care. Hopefully, this guide will help you deal with any injuries you suffer, as well as preventing them.


Warm up properly!

Before you exercise, you must warm up your muscles correctly. No matter what you’re doing. Yoga, running, lifting weights, they all demand a proper warm up. Lots of casual gym goers neglect their warm-ups. As a result, they’re suspect to injury. Stretch your muscles so they’re nice and loose before exercise. But don’t static stretch before a workout. Dynamic stretching is what’s needed for a good warm up. Dynamic warm-ups will get the blood flowing and warm up the muscles. Cold muscles are more likely to suffer injury and get pulled.

Exercise correctly!

Know what you’re doing, before you do it. If you’re unsure how to do an exercise then ask someone for help. One of the main causes of injury comes from incorrect form. This is why class training is so popular. You have someone helping you through the whole workout. As a result, you’re less likely to injure yourself doing something wrong.

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Warm down!

Don’t forget to warm down after exercise. If you warm up, you’ve got to warm down. Now is the time for static stretching. Do a few yoga poses to lengthen the muscles so they don’t get tight in recovery. You can use tools like a foam roller to help massage your muscles after exercise.

Dealing with injury


Some severe muscle injuries will require a period of rehab. Find a company like Bria Health Services who offer rehabilitation. Rehabilitation is an active way to speed up the recovery process. It works on strengthening the weak muscles that caused your injury.

Ice the pain away

When you get injured, one of the first things to do is apply a cold compress. This can be a bag or ice, or frozen peas. The cold will help reduce inflammation and numb the pain.

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If you have an injury, you need to rest! Don’t be a hero and think you can carry on as normal. If you can’t walk, then don’t. Sometimes you have to accept defeat and take a few days off to rest. Put your feet up and let time do it’s thing.

Injuries are a cruel part of life, but we all suffer with them. Injury risks and self-consciousness at the gym can stop you living a healthy lifestyle. Don’t be put off by these things. Be positive and make a change in your life!


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